About Marijuana Abuse, Addictions & Rehab

Understanding Marijuana

Marana refers to dried leaves, flowers, seeds and stems of the cannabis plant that are ground up and stuffed into a hand-rolled paper like tobacco in a cigarette or pipe then smoked up from one end. Marijuana is also mixed in edibles such as baked cookies or cakes and candy that acts as a content medium but yields the same effects as the smoked pot.

Marijuana may also be consumed as a resin-like matter retrieved from the cannabis plant but has a far more concentrated ingredient causing extreme highness. The resin-like matter (dab) comes in two forms; a thick fluid that epitomizes wax or a hard, crystal rock epitomizing candy that is melted, vaporized and sniffed. It is also referred to as budderwaxand shatter.

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More Research

The cannabis product is utilized during leisure or for medical purposes in some states. It is used for medical purposes when striving to increase appetite, reduce pain and contain stress. People use marijuana for leisure because of its sedative effects and steep “highness” ability. There are other synonyms for marijuana, namely; pot, ganja, dope, Mary-Jane, weed, grass, and weed.

Marijuana has had its own share of controversial history with different laws bending towards and against its use. Due to the controversies and misinformation surrounding the drug, misperceptions about its use and risks of addition continue to trouble the world till date.

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