About Us

Our site is dedicated to achieving two primary goals: to compile factual information for marijuana users or anyone with a loved one affected by marijuana abuse and needs guidance on marijuana abuse and addiction. We also like to provide channels and programs for marijuana addicts that will help with the recovery they need.

Creating awareness within our communities has gone a long way into saving lives and relationships asides from helping them find the assistance they need to recollect. The resources and information found on our site is purely supplemental, and we continue to advise that patients should continue seeing their doctors for medical help. If you feel like you are tripping into marijuana addiction, seek medical attention immediately before the situation escalates into a life-threatening condition.

Guaranteeing factual information owes from our site operating in the main data-collection, data analysis and assessment projects in the addiction recovery community. It is the first known 360-degree assessment platform that ever existed, offering a compiled list of rigid information eventually, spearheading the call to facilities to continue raising their ethics and values when providing treatment care.

Our content is designed to provide updated, informative and interesting stories surrounding addiction, marijuana use, behavioral changes, and treatment. We like to bring medical experts specializing in treatment and recovery create genuinely factual, captivating and some graphic content to achieve our goal of creating vast awareness.