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Back To Old School: Marijuana Affects Today And 20 Years Ago

Back To Old School: Marijuana Affects Today And 20 Years Ago

Marijuana has been at the height of controversy for the last decade or so because it is considered to be one of the “soft” drugs. This means people don’t think that it is dangerous because it doesn’t cause addiction or hardcore adverse effects like other well-known drugs.

Understanding Marijuana

Marijuana is still a psychoactive substance through which means it has to be regulated. Marijuana is the dried leaves or buds of the cannabis plant and … Read more

Mental Health and Marijuana

Marijuana is one of the most commonly used recreational drugs in the United States. It is popular among a variety of age groups and across sexes and income groups. It is also one of the more researched recreational drugs. As legalization continues in many states, usage rates may increase in the coming years.… Read more

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Mixing Marijuana with Other Drugs or Alcohol: Its Effects and Health Risks

People commonly combine marijuana and alcohol, and as marijuana becomes legal for recreational purposes in many states, this practice is likely to increase. Both of these drugs have many similar effects, but act through different mechanisms. Both result in sedation, alterations in judgment, perceptual effects that include time distortions and even minor hallucinogenic effects, and physical effects that include slowed reflexes and decreased motor coordination. Marijuana affects the cannabinoid receptors in the brain, whereas alcohol

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Facts about Drugs: Marijuana Consumption around the World!


Cannabis is a generic term used to denote the several psychoactive preparations of the plant Cannabis sativa. The major psychoactive constituent in cannabis is ∆-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Compounds which are structurally similar to THC are referred to as cannabinoids. In addition, a number of recently identified compounds that differ structurally from cannabinoids nevertheless share many of their pharmacological properties. The Mexican term ‘marijuana’ is frequently used in referring to cannabis leaves or other

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