Back To Old School: Marijuana Affects Today And 20 Years Ago

Back To Old School: Marijuana Affects Today And 20 Years Ago

Back To Old School: Marijuana Affects Today And 20 Years Ago

Marijuana has been at the height of controversy for the last decade or so because it is considered to be one of the “soft” drugs. This means people don’t think that it is dangerous because it doesn’t cause addiction or hardcore adverse effects like other well-known drugs.

Understanding Marijuana

Marijuana is still a psychoactive substance through which means it has to be regulated. Marijuana is the dried leaves or buds of the cannabis plant and is usually smoked to get a high that is found enjoyable by many

It is thought to have relaxing properties and comes in a few different forms. These forms include:

–     Edibles (food or drink with added cannabis extracts)

–    Hashish (concentrated resin from the flowering buds)

–    Hash oil (high concentrated oil from the plant)

As stated earlier many people don’t believe in harmful effects of marijuana. This is why it has always been a drug that people feel safe using, even twenty years ago. Marijuana contains a chemical in high quantities called THC which is what gives the users that high.

There is still a lot of debate about whether or not there are any long term effects of marijuana usage. Research does show that it can alter the brain of teenagers who use marijuana for a long time because their brains are still developing.

The potency of marijuana has gotten stronger over the years because people are now more likely to take time to grow the marijuana the way they want. Cultivating marijuana properly can lead to healthier plants and higher levels of THC.

The healthier a plant is the more ways there are to grow it and shape it into a very potent strain. Now that people are free to do so there is plenty of experimentation going on out there.

Levels of THC in marijuana have more than quadrupled in the average plant. This is crazy because that means marijuana isn’t as safe as people suspected, especially for kids.

The average potency levels of THC in a marijuana plant in Colorado is 18.7 percent, which is a lot different from the 4% of twenty years ago. It has even been tested as high as 32.13 percent in one plant, but usually, it’s between 10 to 25. That’s still pretty crazy.

The marijuana we get these days is quite a bit stronger than the stuff our parents experimented with, that is quite certain.

Marijuana And Its Legal Status

As stated earlier marijuana legality is a hotly debated topic. There are actually quite a few states where medical weed is legal and somewhere recreational use is allowed too.

Usually, a doctor has to prescribe it to you, and you have to sign up for a medical weed card to get it. That’s the case when it comes to Florida medical weed where that’s the only type that is legal.